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New Babies




'We have once again 'SOLD' totally out of all our 2023 foals to wonderful show and family homes as ranch horses, barrel racers, English riders, and quality breeders to carry on the legacies here from the Spotted Fawn Paint and QH ranch.  We wish to sincerely thank all of our wonderful clients for their purchases of our beloved horses that we take great care of in training and raising them to be once in a lifetime horses for their new owners. We thank the Good Lord for His wonderful gifts to us all in these remarkable treasures come down from heaven to enrich our lives. 


Your foal will arrive professionally trained by imprinting from birth so they are easy to catch, they lead and tie, trim, trailer and have had only gentle desensitizing training so they come safe to be around and are bonded with all humans.


They have been dewormed every 4 weeks, given custom made mineral/vitamin foal supplements for strong bones and tissue growth. All are bred for gentle quiet dispositions. All stallions and mares are 5 or 6 panel clear of all genetic diseases, so you can be assured your new foal will also be clear.


They are all trained and ready to show as many sell to show clients. All are APHA/AQHA registered and I stand behind every horse sold here!

ALL our babies are sold early in the season because of the excellent training and touch of WENDY MALONE...her eye, and her commitment to excellence! Many of our repeat customers will choose their foals from next year's crop to be able to get the best selection. THEY ARE SELLING FAST, SO CALL NOW!!

A non refundable $500 deposit will hold your foal until weaned.




We have agents who can get your new horse from our ranch, through the finest quarantine facilities, competent air travel accompaniment followed by the final delivery to your stables.

dillon sadie on cow 1.JPG
Here are the 2023 foals!

6-22-23 APHA black and white homozygous tobiano stud colt is our last foal of the season.  He is by our grullo stallion "SMOKIN SWEET GUN" (COLONELS SMOKING GUN breeding) and out of our mare:  SHEZA RHAPSODY CAT by our stallion:  HEZA BLUE TOMCAT now standing in Australia.  'DURANGO' will be a big boy like his parents and has the quiet sweet disposition bred into our dam and sire lines consistently.  He will be the true ALL AROUND performance horse with versatility to go any direction you'd want to take him like his sire and dam lines have proven worldwide in the show world. SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!

Honey's Lil Darlin

May 26,2023...APHA Grulla tobiano filly 'Lil Darlin' has arrived!  She is out of our AQHA mare 'CHINAS MOON' who is sired by our past race champion stallion 'TOP MOON RIVER' and OWN son of the famous AQHA Hall of Fame Stallion: TOP MOON.  Then her dam side out of our own KWIK KNIK champion race mare who is out of the famous Multiple Stakes winner champion stallion:  KIPTYS CHARGER.  'Lil Darlin' is by our stallion:  SMOKIN SWEET GUN by our stallion BIG GUNNER By: THE BIG GUN who is by COLONELS SMOKING GUN.  His dam line is out of my very favorite awesome mare:  HONEY..'QT/MCBEAR Crystal' breeding.  China is 22 now and want to save this amazing outcross bloodline for our future breeding/riding stock in case this is her last.  'Lil Darlin' is a few hours old here. 


May 20,2023...'SADIE' has arrived!  APHA tobiano grulla filly out of our QH mare: MY SILVER PORSCHE and by our stallion:  SMOKIN SWEET GUN.  Porsche has a pedigree of nothing but legends and to have 'RARE BAR' as Porsche's Grand sire on the dam side: AQHA Race SI-114/AAAT/ROM/Superior

1995 World Champion Running Aged Stallion

Sired 2009 FT WORTH STOCK SHOW TIMED EVENT CHALLENGE CHAMPION, 2-2008 WPRA Circuit Finals Champions, Numerous Ft. Smith Futurity Finalists,. and then also Porsche's Grand sire on the Sire side:  'MR JESS PERRY'....

One of only 3 stallions in AQHA History to sire earners of over $50 Million.

#1 AQHA Broodmare Sire 2013, 14, 15, 16

AQHA Hall Of Fame 2019 inductee....and our sire of Sadie with COLONELS SMOKING GUN and QT/McBear Crystal just layers it up to a filly that is one of a kind to consider as Priceless in the world of tobiano performance modern horses.  As a breeder of 33 years striving to upgrade the paint horse when there wasn't anything to speak of yet out produce a quality bred filly like this makes her of great value.  Takes decades to get to this kind of offspring I was envisioning when I began this pioneer market.  All worth it to get one like this for sure.  DAM:       Our Sire: 

SOLD! SOLD! Congratulations Jack on your purchase of one of the world's finest Paint Horse fillies of all time!


'SOLD SOLD SOLD'....4-15-23 APHA Homozygous Grullo/cream gene tobiano stallion has arrived!!!  Meet 'AUSTIN'....This colt is a genetic wonder in a pedigree that can produce the quality of his Hall of Fame lineage for the future of the best in modern APHA horses.  With 'COLONELS SMOKING GUN' and 'COLOR ME SMART' in his Sire and dam, along with his sought after grullo with a cream gene also from his dam, minimal white and 5 panel clear...he is a stallion for all time that will advance these top athletes known worldwide.  He is going to be a big boy like his dam and sire.  Should mature 15-3 to 16 hands.  'SOLD SOLD SOLD'....'AUSTIN' is going to Corsica, France to become the first APHA homozygous tobiano grulla/cream stallion to begin a modern quality show line of horses in that part of the world! He will take them by storm!!! Congratulations Karene Clemenceau!!! One of the best horse trainers and talented horse women I know. So happy for you. The dream of 10 years in the making has come true for you and worth the wait!




'SHE'S HERE!!!! Our first foal of the season....APHA homozygous tobiano black and white filly by Stetson West and MELODY....'HARMONY' is just like her mom and her generations of relatives here that stamp them out as the same high quality and attributes found in this line. It is so cool, as Harmony now has ALLLL my Legendary stallions across the world known for consistent quality...which she is now a legend herself from Nevada Wardrum, The Aztec Eagle, Stetson West and his sire QT Painted Streke, and BIG GUNNER, and HEZA BLUE TOM CAT standing in Australia. SHE carries all of my best in genetics let alone her mom Melody out of Rhapsody who is out of Mandolin Rain, who is out of my mare Daisy who started this line of mares. Harmony will be 16 hands and 6 panel clear. Less than an hour old here! Welcome to the world Harmony!  SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! CONGRATULATIONS DEENA!


'SAVANNAH' has arrived!   AQHA filly out of our Southern Louisiana bred race mare we got from a top racing ranch down South... by our Own Son of DASH FOR PERKS.  With a black type pedigree of PYC PAINT YOUR WAGON, MR JESS PERRY, MR. PROSPECTOR, CORONA CARTEL, SPECIAL EFFORT, CHICKS BEDUINO....and packed full of LEGENDS in the QH and TB world...this filly is one in 10 million I would not be able to find or afford if out there.  Since PYC PAINT YOUR WAGON passed is very rare to find a filly or mare out of him or to afford.  I spent years and years looking for this bloodline to one day afford and when 'Jordan' came to be down south and for sale...which most aren't in this bloodline there...I made a way..  So this one of a kind filly will be staying as RANCH PREFERRED STOCK!  I couldn't be more thrilled or blessed or thank the Lord for her.  Half hour old here after she was imprinted.  All legs.... 

Here are some of the 2022 foals!

10-7-22 our last foal of the year arrived with a shout!  'Waylon' is an APHA homozygous tobiano dark bay stud colt that has the world class bloodlines of Peptoboonsmal and Docs Oak from his dam side that give him that natural bred in cow sense that he already is showing as he cuts back and forth on his front end when something comes into his space and the natural bred in talent to rein from his sire STETSON WEST, as found him doing spurts of runs and then put his hind end down to a sliding quick stop.  He is just deep in natural ability to be great at ranch riding events or working cows or reining and just a sheer pleasure of performance in any area you choose.  He has inherited his dams and sires bred in sweet and gentle disposition naturally and such a joy to work with.  He is available and ready to go Feb. 1st. 2023.  $500 down holds him til weaned.  SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! CONGRATULATIONS Morgan Clay and family on the purchase of your next show and rodeo stallion!

The Deacon

6-6-22  AQHA black stud colt (DEACON) out of HAPPY TIMES FIRST by A DASH OF PERKS.  This colt is the perfect nick of AQHA legends in his sire and dam line.  A true All Around performance horse that can go any direction you want and will excel at it.  Has the power and muscle build to handle any job easily and with a quiet sweet disposition.  The legends in this horse of Tres Seis, Mr. Jess Perry, First Down Dash, Dash for Perks and many more are layered deep in this colt.  A true stallion prospect also, but either way he will outlast the competition with his strong genetics and ability to outperform.  He should mature 15-2 or more.  All this beauty and wrapped in black! Don't miss out on this colt!  HE'S SOLD! SOLD! GOING TO A BARREL RACING RANCH TO TURN EM AND BURN EM THEN BREED EM AS HE WAS BRED TO DO!!!


6-23-22 AQHA GRULLO (with a cream gene) stud colt out of MANY DOVES by A DASH OF PERKS was born early this morning and 6 hours old here.  'COLTER' is outstanding and all we could dream of and more.  'DOVE' is by our AQHA Stallion we stood:  NU BARS BUENO...1993 AQHA World Champion-Jr. Heeling, AQHA World Finalist-Jr. Calf Roping, AQHA ROM Performance, AQHA All Around Champion, AQHA High Point Jr. Horse, IQHBA Three Year Old Champion, IQHBA Jr. All Around Champion, IQHBA High Point Stallion, 1993 N.W. Summer Circuit Champion. and A DASH OF PERKS his sire is our own A DASH OF PERKS...own son of DASH FOR PERKS...and a barrel racing champion and champion producer of barrel racers.  This amazing stud colt is 7 panel clear and carries a cream gene and grullo with the perfect outcross of Ranch/performance lines to do everything a good AQHA using stallion and his offspring were meant to accomplish from the inception of the AQHA breed.  He has the vintage with the modern to do it all.  WE will be keeping him as our herd sire for the future.  WE did keep his full brother Elijah who is grulla and no cream gene, but have had requests from other breeders to buy him and willing to offer Elijah for sale now as a 2 year old stallion.  'COLTER' should mature 15-2 or more and he has extreme dun factor on his face mask and up his legs to chest of zebra stripes and his withers show some brindling too like his grand dam Maxi.  He is a dream of a lifetime! RANCH PREFERRED STOCK!


6-6-22 APHA black and white tobiano Filly..(MAGNOLIA) who is pure class!  Beauty beyond measure she has and the conformation of smooth gliding gaits to take you far and fast with her stride.  She is picture perfect in style and disposition of gentleness and bred to be in western or english disciplines of pleasure or sport.  She is out of our own AZTEC EAGLE dtr. whose dam I owned and trained in dressage and as quiet and easy going as they come.  Magnolia will steal your heart and be your best friend for life.  Her sire:  A Dash of Perks is a champion in his own right and as an own son of DASH FOR PERKS, he carries on the legends in his ability to be one of the lasting all time greats into the future also.  Magnolia should mature 16 hands and will be one that was made in the heavens of two stars coming together for that one of a kind Shining Star.  

'SOLD SOLD SOLD'...Congratulations John and Katie of Anchorage, Alaska!  A military family that loves horses and and honor to have met.  Magnolia will be loved by many in this family and go on to bring them the joy of life as if galloping thru the Galaxy of stars taking you to another place and time of beauty! 


5-15-22 .... 'STELLA' is here this morning.  APHA Dun tobiano filly out of 'WRANGLED FROM HEAVEN' (BELLA) by STETSON WEST.  She is so mature at birth and as sweet as they come.  She has it all for any kind of use.  Show/breed/family horse/trail horse...just able to do it all in any discipline and a real beauty.  Refined head like a sea horse.  A balanced muscled up body already and totally correct.  Imprinted so easily.  So rare in this color and breeding and her dam a proven champion show horse as well as her sire Stetson West a proven champion producer worldwide in many events.  Just has it all.  SOLD! Going to Honduras! Congratulations Claudia on starting a new Paint program there!


5-28-22 'APHA' bay tobiano filly (GINGER) has arrived. She is out of Frosty Little Bug by Stetson West.  She touts world class champions in her pedigree and her dams sire is:   AQHA PC TRIGGER FROST X SUN FROST (PC is a Finished barrel, calf, and heel horse) and a DASH TA FAME bred dam with BUGS ALIVE IN 75 X TOP MOON Hall of Fame (Bugs Alive is a very influential sire to the barrel horse industry! He was World Champion, Superior Performance, Race money-earner. He also established himself as a leading broodmare sire). And of course world Famous FIRST DOWN DASH and Streakin Six are a few more added in this beautiful filly.  At a couple hours old..she was up and ready to go.  You can show her and breed her for more world class offspring in the future.  Should mature 15-2  Dams... SOLD, Congratulations Kimberlee in Utah!!

The Duke

5-19-22...'THE DUKE'...has arrived!  And he sure fits his name...APHA buckskin/dun tobiano stud colt...out of our super cutting horse mare:  'PLAYGUNS LIBERTY OAK' 'STETSON WEST'....'Liberty' is out of one of our Cutting horse stallions who boasts PLAYGUN and DUAL PEP right on the papers with a line of Hall of Fame greats up close:  Docs Hickory, Freckles Playboy, Docs Remedy, Farrah Oak (NCHA $38,637.86 C0A) and so many more that shows in her natural cutting ability and lightening fast. With the speed in her pedigree of our dams and sires, and natural reiners...this colt will go many directions to show the bred in ability to succeed.  Don't miss out on this exceptional bred colt that will advance the APHA industry to new heights!  And of course...the sweet and gentle disposition bred in by selective breeding here in 'my line of horses'.  Should mature 15-2 or more. SOLD, SOLD, SOLD!! Congratulations Sue!

The Cajun

4-19-22 'THE CAJUN' has arrived!  Homozygous tobiano dun stud colt out of Vegas by Stetson West.  Looks exactly like his sire.  Imprinted so easy and here at 45 min. old.  Stayed till all vetted right and nursing great.  Mom and baby happy and healthy.  More pics to come as have time.  He will be a sweetheart to go any direction...has natural cow instinct from his Nevada Wardrum line we stood and english or western or trail.  Just a great all around prospect!  Should mature around 15-2. SOLD, going to AZ!!


4-12-22..APHA stud colt....'TETON' has arrived!!!  Big name for a big colt!  Took awhile for us helping Reba to get this big boy out.  He already has been so sweet to work with and has a bright future ahead for someone looking for that 'ALL AROUND' quality in a performance horse.  With Stetson West as his sire that passes on that sweet disposition and the quiet high performance bred mom...he will have it all to go any direction and be a great partner for life.  Mom is out of our own champion QH stallion:  A DASH OF PERKS (Own son of Dash for Perks) and the dam line of HAPPY TIMES FIRST....with FIRST DOWN MR JESS and TRES SEIS... MR JESS PERRY AND A line of legends of all time in her pedigree.  One to take you anywhere you want to go.  Should mature 15-2 or more.  SOLD SOLD SOLD....Going to a Nevada barrel racing ranch as a competitor first in barrels and then to stand at stud to produce more champion barrel racing offspring.


'SPARKLES N SHINE' is HERE!!!! APHA dark mahogany filly that is homozygous tobiano and maybe black too. She is out of 'LIKE GUNS N DIAMONDS' and STETSON WEST. With world famous bloodlines in her of LIKE A DIAMOND, GRAYS STARLIGHT, COLONELS SMOKING GUN and HOLIDOC (An Equi-Stat All-Time Leading Cutting Sire), this filly is a legend in the making for the future generations of greats in show and bloodlines. DNA IS: TT, Aa,E/?, and 7 panel clear. Here she is at 45 min. old to TWO hours old. We are thrilled and PTL for His tender mercies and honor to help bring this new life into being. To God be the glory for this one. Many reasons behind this one. She can do it all in any event with natural reining and natural cow genetics and will be around 15-2. SOLD! Going to Missouri !

A FEW OF THE  2021 Foals  


4-19-21 APHA Smokey Black Homozygous tobiano filly out of our stallion:  HEZA Superfly and our mare: MS Royal Blue Boon.  'SNAZZY' will be 16 hands and with breeding of COLOR ME SMART, ROYAL BLUE BOON, COLONELS SMOKING GUN and more she will be one to have extreme athletic ability to show in high performance disciplines.  She is SOLD SOLD SOLD and going to Nevada to a show/breeding ranch of APHA and AQHA horses.

Wendy Malone

1-406-642-3700 Local and International 

Susie  Q

5-5-21 'SUSIE Q'...APHA black or blue roan tobiano filly, pending dna tests, out of our Classic Blue roan QH mare 'SKYE' who is Triples Image by Triple Chick and back to Top Moon.  Susie Q's sire is our HEZA SUPERFLY, out of Big Gunner X The Big Gun X Colonels Smoking Gun and dam line out of Stetson West dtr.  This filly is bred to be an All Around performer and a quiet gentle spirit that makes a wonderful family horse.  She is a real star with a promising future and should mature 15-2.  (These pics were taken when she was only an hour old!)

Not for sale at this time!   

Wendy Malone

1-406-642-3700 Local and International 

A FEW OF THE  2020 Foals
Moon Bug

5-11-20...APHA Bay Dun Tobiano filly.  'MOONBUG' is by: FROSTY LITTLE BUG' (Bugsy) who is out of AQHA PC TRIGGER FROST X SUN FROST (PC is a Finished barrel, calf, and heel horse) and a DASH TA FAME bred dam with BUGS ALIVE IN 75 X TOP MOON Hall of Fame (Bugs Alive is a very influential sire to the barrel horse industry! He was World Champion, Superior Performance, Race money-earner. He also established himself as a leading broodmare sire). These are some of the top barrel producing lines of today found in many 1D Barrel horses that are winning consistently with this magic cross of Sun Frost and Dash Ta Fame. Her sire is our Stetson West. This filly is one of a kind. Her pedigree speaks for herself. A new generation of APHA horses that compete at the highest levels. RANCH SELECT MARE THAT WILL BECOME ONE OF OUR NEXT GENERATION GREAT PRODUCERS!


5-10-20.."Elijah" born today...AQHA grulla (maybe cream too) stud colt.  This colt will become a new Legend of The Spotted Fawn Paint and QH carry on for his sire 'A Dash of Perks X Dash for Perks' and his Dam: 'Many Doves X 'Nu Bars Bueno'.  This is the perfect Outcross we have been striving for in the true 'ALL AROUND' performance bloodline to give us the versatility and athleticism to do it all in any event out there.  The size and conformation and super quiet disposition both these parents bring to him will pass on in dominance to our All Around Performance mare line here.  Add the special color we all love is a real gift.  He will mature 15-3 and be the true Ranch Versatility cross we look to add here. RANCH PREFERRED STALLION PROSPECT, NOT FOR SALE!


4-23-2020 It was a 'RAINY NIGHT IN GEORGIA', As 'RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD', when what to my surprise...our mare 'Sister' is having her baby!  And yes...going to the barn in pouring down sheets of rain we went and 'Sister' delivered a perfect built mature looking bay filly!  We of course named her 'RAINDROP'...and she is an AQHA bay filly out of Shining Spark mare and Dash for Perks stud of ours!  One of the most sought after bloodlines for all time and our favorite always.  She's something special.  Won't be anything she can't do in life and with a big heart as Texas like her moms! RANCH SELECT MARE THAT WILL BECOME ONE OF OUR NEXT GENERATION GREAT PRODUCERS!

Blue Bird

5-1-2020 AQHA True Blue Roan filly...out of our champion barrel racing stallion:  'A Dash of Perks'...and her dam Ebonys Pine Blue..with Triples Image, Triple Chick, Top Moon bloodlines.  'BLUE BIRD' is one very, very rare special true blue roan QH filly that will be 15-3 hands, and super bred for performance!  Bloodlines of Legends and no Hancock breeding!  A rare gift for sure to us as we couldn't find anything out there like this and so she will be retained by us as 'RANCH SELECT MARE THAT WILL BECOME ONE OF OUR NEXT GENERATION GREAT PRODUCERS!... 


SOLD! 'FAIRLIGHT' 3-5-2019 (APHA black and white tobiano filly) She is built for great performance in any area.   She has great bone and mind and the gentlest of dispositions.  She can truly go any direction you want with the versatility of the 'All Around' horse with a size of 15-3 or 16 hands for rodeo fans in barrels for sure or ranch work, english or western events of all types.  Her sire:  our AQHA 'A Dash of Perks' , an own son of Dash for Perks with Magnolia Bar has a far reaching legacy from vintage to modern times still.  Her dam is from the Aztec Eagle line with the smoothest of gliding gaits to ride all day.  You don't want to miss out on this filly that will love you, willing to please in her training and lots of PERK!  She is available!  5 and 6 panel clear. $3500 SOLD! Going to Missouri!

Blue Grass Jazz

SOLD!  Born 4-15-19 APHA Black and White Tobiano stud colt out of 'Ebonys Pine Blue' and 'Big Gunner' (International champion producing sire) x The Big Gun x Colonels Smoking Gun (Gunner).  This is the one in a million we all dream of owning and finding in life.  He is royally bred from a our true blue roan AQHA mare of Foundational Running QH breeding of Sonny Dee Bar, Truly Truckle and Triples Image you find in the greats of todays champions of the past and present, to our modern top performers around the world in Colonels Smoking Gun and The Big Gun, that our stallion 'Big Gunner' (An International champion producer) carries. He will accomplish anything he is directed to do in life with the ability bred into him layered deep in top performance disciplines for his talent is proven decades deep in him of limitless athletic ability.  Unstoppable for what his future will bring to the APHA performers in this line and this rare sought after priceless pedigree.  What a gift!   Well, the lab tests are in and Jazz does not have the markers consistent with the roan coat pattern, however, he is a great Black and White colt...JAZZ HAS BEEN SOLD AND IS GOING TO UTAH!!


SOLD!  Born 5-8-19 APHA Bay Dun Homozygous Tobiano stud colt out of Stetson West and Nevada Champagne.  'COWBOY' is one gorgeous boy!  So alert and sweet like his parents already.  Comes right over to be loved on dancing around his mom in the pen.  Such a joy he brings.  Of course he'll be a contender for reining or Western Pleasure or the 'ALL AROUND' he is bred to be.  Will mature 15-2 to 15-3.  He'll be your loving family member and anywhere you want to take him he'll willing want to please and make you proud.  The gentle quiet spirit is bred in there and always shows up on all of Stetson's foals and our mares are bred with these dispositions too. SOLD! Congratulations and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! to Debbie Day of Star, ID on your new stallion prospect!!


SOLD! Born 4-15-19 'APHA' Back and White Tobiano stud colt out of 'Firefly Nites' and AQHA 'A Dash of Perks' our champion barrel racing sire, the true 'all around' performing producer of what the legends are made of in his pedigree.  TUXEDO embodies the foundation breeding of the modern 'all around' performance horse with proven champion bloodlines of today that are always in the winners circle in natural built in talent.  He will go any direction you want him to and do you proud every time.  It's all in there.  Conformation, super dominant quiet genetics from his dam line and natural athletic diversity in his sire line.  The classic look of the true black and white built on a solid foundation for lifetimes to come.  A partner for life in this dream horse to enjoy the ride! SOLD!


'TIME FOR A SHOWDOWN'..... born March 10, 2019... APHA BLACK SILVER Homozygous Black and Homozygous Tobiano stud colt. This stunning colt 'Showdown' came to us from 'Wrangled From Heaven' and boy is he heaven sent! The sire is: 'Heza Superfly'... who is an own son of our stallion 'Big Gunner X The Big Gun X Colonels Smoking Gun' stallion. This is his first foal and what an awesome job he did! We will keep and stand 'Showdown' for our New Generation of Stallions to carry us into the future of the best in quality of high performance Paints. NOT FOR SALE...RANCH PREFERRED STOCK!

Fire Hawk

SOLD! Born 3-20-19 Midnite:  APHA Mahogany Bay Tobiano stud colt....Probably homozygous tobiano, (Test Pending).  'FIREHAWK' arrived with two of us helping mom for 30 min. to get him OUT!!!  Both are fine but was not an easy one for mom or us even!  But...Firehawk arrived ready to get up and go.  He is out of 'Big Gunner' by The Big Gun and our sweet mare:  One Lonesome Dove, by my stallion QT Painted Streke (Beau) and our great QH Mare out of Sir Rambler who was crossed on The Aztec Eagle.  Tons of Hall of Famers in this pedigree and double quiet dominant genetics in him.  One big sweet All Around Performer...will be riding him this fall!  :)   He has the makings of a great stallion in him or an all around great show horse and family companion.  First foal with this much white on this cross or of any of mine...but all that snow got in there I think and colored him!  :)  You'll KNOW He's a paint for sure! Fire Hawk is a very handy colt that can take you to the top in any discipline! SOLD! Congratulations Dana in New York on the purchase of your new life time equine companion!

Sugar Moon

SOLD! Born 3-22-19 APHA Grulla Tobiano filly out of 'Many Doves' and Big Gunner (International champion producer).  'Sugar Moon' was born under the Super Moon last nite called 'Sugar Moon'. Her dam is out of our gone...NU BARS BUENO 1990 AQHA - ABRA - NFQHA 80% Foundation Buttermilk Dun. 1993 AQHA World Champion-Jr. Heeling, AQHA World Finalist-Jr. Calf Roping, AQHA ROM Performance, AQHA All Around Champion, AQHA High Point Jr. Horse, IQHBA Three Year Old Champion, IQHBA Jr. All Around Champion, IQHBA High Point Stallion, 1993 N.W. Summer Circuit Champion.

'Sugar Moon' will have 'natural cow' instinct bred in for a great ranch horse and working cow and the natural reining gene in Big Gunner as her sire.  A pedigree to draw to for the all around and show and working horse and breed for super quality paint horses of great value in the future. SOLD! 

Sugar Moon

SOLD! Born 3-22-19 APHA Grulla Tobiano filly out of 'Many Doves' and Big Gunner (International champion producer).  'Sugar Moon' was born under the Super Moon last nite called 'Sugar Moon'. Her dam is out of our gone...NU BARS BUENO 1990 AQHA - ABRA - NFQHA 80% Foundation Buttermilk Dun. 1993 AQHA World Champion-Jr. Heeling, AQHA World Finalist-Jr. Calf Roping, AQHA ROM Performance, AQHA All Around Champion, AQHA High Point Jr. Horse, IQHBA Three Year Old Champion, IQHBA Jr. All Around Champion, IQHBA High Point Stallion, 1993 N.W. Summer Circuit Champion.

'Sugar Moon' will have 'natural cow' instinct bred in for a great ranch horse and working cow and the natural reining gene in Big Gunner as her sire.  A pedigree to draw to for the all around and show and working horse and breed for super quality paint horses of great value in the future. SOLD! 

Black Beauty

SOLD! Born 5-10-19 AQHA True Black filly out of China's Moon and A Dash of Perks.  'BLACK BEAUTY' is here!  She is bred to be a top Barrel horse or performance to take you to the top no problem.  China her dam is an own daughter of our own SON of TOP MOON racing champion setting track records that we had and her dam is right out of a KIPTYS CHARGER daughter.  Black Beauty's sire is out of a champion Barrel racer 'A Dash of Perks' (an own Son of DASH FOR PERKS).  She just has it all and the 'beauty' is sure evident.  The perfect nick top and bottom for world class champions of the past to carry on into the future legacy of the best traits of the greats in her pedigree.  Nothing but class! SOLD! 

Lone Star

SOLD!! Born  6-21-19 Foal number #14...last one is now here and is he a dandy!!!  'LONE STAR' is an AQHA Black stallion colt out of 'A DASH OF PERKS' sire and dam: 'Keep Your Heart' AQHA Top Moon mare from our own Son racing champion of Top Moon.  This colt is full of chrome and WOW factor!  Already tall and muscled up body that is straight, correct, and the sweet gentle disposition his parents have in their genetic makeup they always pass on.  He will go straight to the top of the barrel horse champions of our time and into the future or any high performance discipline that takes versatility and ability and stamina to show these strong dominant bloodlines that always hold up in and out of the arena.  Great intelligence for easy training and so willing to please.  He is one to draw to that will put you in the winners circle and on the legends list one day!  He was up on his feet once he got dried off and couldn't wait!  This is what comes from genetics done for consistent type to type!  5 and 6 panel clear on parentage and will be 15-3 to 16 hands.  Awesome! SOLD!!

My North Star

SOLD! Born 5-19-19 'MY NORTH STAR' has arrived!  True North and what the North Star represents is magical and of great earthly importance from the beginning of time...I feel like this new colt...once in a lifetime colt....that is true and world class one of a a fitting name for him.  APHA Homozgyous true Black Tobiano stud colt out of the top world famous Hall of Famers in AQHA and APHA pedigree is a gift of breeding up these lines for 29 years to produce this once in a lifetime Homozygous Tobiano colt.  'North Star' will forever change the face of APHA homozygous tobiano stallions of what he can accomplish in these dominant performance bloodlines.  He is out of Roosters Little Ruby and Heza Superfly.  He is 5 and 6 panel clear.  He also has two blue eyes!!! Ruby's grand dam is a grand daughter of Hollywood Dun It I bought and is producing show paint horses in California now.  Had her bred to an OWN son of Gallo Del Cielo and how I got Ruby's dam and bred her to The Aztec Eagle and got Ruby!  Aztec's own daughter.   Sooooo many Hall of Famers in this pedigree of this new colt.  Gallo Del Cielo, Docs Starlight, Hollywood Dun It, Hollywood Jac 86, Scottish Bart (a favorite of mine for many years) and Boon Bar of course sire to Royal Blue Boon...and then My Big Gun grandson of Colonels Smoking Gun and Stetson West a champion producer of barrel horses and WP champions and many more and packed full of nothing but world champion greats in the QH world and Paint World.  How I wish I could keep him too, but I am blessed with several greats already.  This is a colt to put you on the map of the greats and the future is limitless for him.  A stallion of stallions has come!  Take a look at the legends in his pedigree!  'North Star'.... a guide to True North! SOLD and going to Oregon!


SOLD! Borrn 3-22-19 APHA Black and White Tobiano filly out of AQHA 'A Dash of Perks' ...champion barrel horse stallion and dam:  'Mandolin Rain' .. an own daughter of The Aztec Eagle, and Rhapsody's Mother.  More snow seeping into the coloring and setting off the pitch black she shows on her unique pattern.  Already a big big type filly like her parents.  She will be the true 'All Around' performance filly in western and/or english, and so elegant and huge long deep hip muscled up already too.  Will have a nice stride and smooth moving gait to get you there quicker!  A pedigree of many Hall of Famers to carry on the legends in her genetics.  Has the kind eye and sweetness her dam always passes on.  Should mature 16 hands and is 5 panel clear. SOLD! CONGRATULATIONS MARGARET EDISON on the selection of your new lifelong equine partner!

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