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Magnolia Bars

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The immortal MAGNOLIA BAR AAAT stacked his pedigree with real breeding power. Possessing great speed, ability and intelligence, He sired good looking athletes with the movement, mind and talent to excel on the ranch and in futurity competition.


BARREL HORSE NEWS, DECEMBER, 1995 on MAGNOLIA BAR. It is an indisputable fact that Magnolia Bar is, was, and forever will be remembered as a bonafide barrel horse Sire. About any stallion can sire a foal, but it takes a great stallion like Magnolia Bar to sire successive generations of offspring that can haul it on down the line. The long list of Magnolia bred horses lends credit to his prepotent ability as a barrel horse sire. Between 1979 and 1990, other Magnolia Bar get, strutted their stuff in barrels and poles at numerous AQHA World Shows. Magnolia Bar Jet who was among the top 20... 2011 Money Earned futurity sires, also has produced The 2003 PRCA Heel horse of the year.


In all, Magnolia Bar sired 597 AQHA offspring, before his heart failure at age 28. One of the greatest legendary sires of the Barrel Horse Industry still influencing the greats of today. MAGNOLIA BAR, SI 100, AQHA Champion and leading sire of AQHA point earners. Race ROM SI-100-12-4-0-2-$7180 Race ROM 1962 LA 350 1ST INAUGURAL HANDICAP 1962 LA 440 3RD PACIFIC COAST QHRA DERBY 1963 OPEN AQHA CHAMPION

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